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5 natural foods you can consider to relieve constipation

By Njeri Wambui, K24 Digital On Mon, 1 Aug, 2022 09:00 | 3 mins read

Constipation may be a biological process, but it can seriously affect your day.

And whereas it’s usually short-lived and simply treatable, the downside of constipation is that it may also cause serious health problems if left untreated.

Man holding his stomach in severe pain. PHOTO/Pexels

Constipation sometimes usually happens once a person’s metabolism is below average; some factors leading to the ailment would include; already being overweight, lack of exercise, improper diet, or stress.

If you regularly suffer from constipation, worry not, and embody certain natural foods in your diet for relief. Keep in mind that constipation isn’t solely an explanation for discomfort throughout the day, however, it could be an indication of many chronic diseases.

What are the remedies of constipation you people 😭😂— Apophius✨ (@AApophius) July 27, 2022

If you wish to restore your health slowly, then natural foods will play a large role in raising your gut health and guaranteeing you keep disease free within the long term. If you bear with it a few times, the body tends to type things out on its own.

Woman nursing painful stomach ache. PHOTO/Pexels

With that in mind, recognize that today’s style and intake habits have a big impact on your gut system, thereby increasing the possibilities of internal organ irregularities.

So what irregular habits have you been engaging in which could be key factors in causing constipation? They include:

  • Irregular dinner time. This includes intake of junk and fast foods while avoiding foods high in fibre.
  • Excessive intake of deep-fried snacks.
  • Drinking inadequate amounts of liquids.
  • No or low workout.

For those that don’t seem to be severely bound, creating changes in intake patterns and approach will relieve the symptoms. A number of these changes are as easy as increasing fluid and fibre intake. Folks that did this often have professed that there’s relief from constipation.

We have highlighted some tips that may be causing constipation but what foods act as a relief? Here are some foods that may help:


These are conventional heads for constipation relief. Prunes contain sorbitol, a sort of sugar alcohol that your body poorly digests. It helps relieve constipation by drawing water into the intestines, therefore causing some relaxation.

Eating prunes straight is taken into account only, if you simply want many, it would be better to use them as a sweetener for one thing which might otherwise want sugar. For instance, oatmeal.

Vegetable Juice

Having a tall glass of vegetable juice created out of your favourite veggies, in mid-morning or mid-evening throughout snack time is an effective and clever way to deal with your constipation.

Glass jar of vegetable juice. PHOTO/Pexels

You can create a refreshing juice by combining spinach + tomato + beetroot + juice + ginger.


Triphala may be a marvel herb. So, it’s a mix of the powder of 3 fruits.

Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki are the 3 fruits whose powders are employed in creating the Triphala. The 3 fruits that are of this supplement are all-natural laxatives.

Woman preparing herbs in pounder. PHOTO/Pexels

Apart from this they even have a positive impact on the digestion and discharge system, therefore, serving our body to strengthen and maintain these necessary systems. Have 0.5 a teaspoon in an exceeding cup of heat milk /warm water before the time of day.


Oats are a grain that’s made in beta-glucans, a soluble fibre with probiotic functions. It additionally helps to feed the great bacterium within the gut, which helps to manage microorganisms and maintain good internal organs operation.

Lady adding oats in a glass of smoothie. PHOTO/Pexels


The drawn butter butyrate content will work as an associate in the nursing cure for constipation. The oily texture of drawn butter works as an oil and pacifies the stiffness of internal organ formation. Drawn butter within the diet helps create internal organ movements regular and easier.


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