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5 easy ways to revamp your dressing this cold season

By Njeri Wambui, K24 Digital On Sun, 31 Jul, 2022 12:19 | 3 mins read

Have you recently thought of revamping your wardrobe by any chance? There’s no doubt if you are a person who adores fashion and enjoys looking good, you always feel best when everything from top to toe is just like you had imagined.

I know especially with this July weather, it is a strain for most of us to look our best but that doesn’t mean you should wear anything you find. 

A couple in a warm embrace during the cold season. PHOTO/Pexels

We have come to your rescue, if you have lately been finding yourself looking in your closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear, then it may be time for a change. 

Changing your wardrobe does not mean you have to buy a whole new section of shirts or jackets to add excitement to your style. 

There are so many ways to hack this, by just adding a little bit of flair, and all your boring pieces turn into your favourite outfits. 

So, how can we do that? Here are five ways you can revamp your style this season:

1. Play with colour and patterns 

Colour and patterns are a tried and true way to add an unexpected element to your outfit. 

Add a bold printed shirt to wear under a basic jacket and pair of pants. For a softer approach, keep your outfit simple but add a printed pair of shoes. Before you know it, items in your closet will go from unused to your best outfit.

A couple who revamped their wardrobe by dressing in matching colour outfits. PHOTO/Pexels

2. Add some patches

If you have a plain denim jacket or lying around that feel like they need some flair, add a patch to them. You can customize the look by finding patches that match your personal style. 

Women wearing patched denim jackets. PHOTO/Pexels

There are many ways to wear your patches. Customize a jacket with patches and wear it over a basic top and pants combo. Add patches to a pair of jeans and wear them with a sleek leather jacket. 

3. Wear bold socks 

Stop hiding your socks, instead make them the centre of attention. Happy socks, for example, can add an amazing touch to an otherwise plain outfit. 

Try pairing knee-high socks with a skirt for a casual look yet stylish look. Cuff your jeans and add a pop of colour with a hint of a bright sock. 

Woman wearing her knee-high socks. PHOTO/Pexels

When playing with this trend, keep socks on the thinner side. Thick socks will make you look like you’re ready for gym class and who would want that? Can never be me! 

4. Go vintage

What looks old is new again with this 2022 fashion trend. Less can be more when figuring out how to style an outfit using vintage pieces. 

Find a vintage statement piece and work the rest of your outfit around it. Wear a vintage dress with a modern blazer, or add a pair of vintage sunglasses to your outfit. 

5. Don’t underestimate the power of accessorizing

The easiest way to add flair to your outfit is through the accessories that you wear. You can elevate the style of even the most basic pieces with the jewellery, scarves, or bags you pair with them.

A woman dressed in bright colours and accessories. PHOTO/Pexels

Adding a necklace or bag in a bright colour can give a whole new life to an ordinary outfit. With the right accessories, you can make even a t-shirt and jeans look fresh.

6. Your favourite outfit will never be boring again 

Adding flair to your outfit is an easy and inexpensive way to shake up your look. The best part of this trend is that you can find many items right in your closet already. 

Before you know it, your tired clothes will once again become your favourite outfit.


Content contributor at AFAL [African Alert]. Kevin is a passionate copywriter who is searching for fresh content every day.

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